August 2006: A small room is taken on rent by "RIG-Chhandam" on the outskirts of the city, namely, Kalitala, Joka, and classes start in full swing, every Saturday, teaching dance, music and drawing to 20/22 underprivileged students. In October 2005, Sri Satya Sai Organisations held a children’s dance festival, ‘Festival of Joy’ at Purtapurthy and SJPA’s Dance teacher Subhra Mandal was one, amongst others, in charge of West Bengal unit, comprising students from Sai Bal Vihar schools, belonging mostly to the lower economic strata of society. It was a spiritually enriching experience, and the sincerity and dedication of the participating children was truly an eye-opener. The idea slowly took root – reaching out to the deprived and disadvantaged children of Kolkata and its fringes. The faculty looks forward to the Saturday afternoons, for the effort put in by them is reciprocated many times over by the students through their love and respect.

A small library has been started with a collection of books donated by persons appreciative of our intentions and efforts. Greeting cards drawn by the Art students are sold and the sale proceeds are utilised towards helping the needy students. During school vacations, trips are organised, taking the children to various notable places in and around Kolkata worth visiting.

We now appeal to donors to come forward and help us to make this project grow from strength to strength.

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